Samuel Hauenstein Swan

Samuel Hauenstein Swan


I am an award winning photojournalist with 20 years’ experience covering humanitarian and social issues for leading aid agencies, including Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), TearfundAction Against Hunger, DfID and UN agencies. My works has been published by Al Jazeerathe Guardian, the Independent, the Huffington Post and others. I've been a winner of  Pink Lady® Photographer of the Year  Awards and was selected for the Panos annual photojournalism exhibition.


As a portraitist, it is my pleasure to make everyone look their best. I aim to capture the unique look of the individual in their surrounding that engages and holds the attention of viewers.

I have worked with celebrities: Raymond Blanc, Fergus Henderson, Angela Hartnett, top brands including the Cinnamon Club, Bar Boulud and corporations for more than a decade.


Event photographer with more than a decade of experience in events. My pictures capture the essence, mood, and personality of the production. I will document your event with beautiful imagery and an excellent service which has proven invaluable for internal and external communication long after the day is over.

I have worked for top restaurants, on film sets, in the Houses of Parliament weddings, and fundraising occasions including Taste of London, Love Food -Give Food, and Fine Wine Auctions featuring Michelin-starred chefs.


I am creative with 15-year experience in the high-end cooking, working with some oft the best chefs and focus on capturing thetheatre and creativity, as well as the subject matter, to bring out the verybest in their brand, restaurant or product. I’ve worked with top brands andchefs including Raymond Blanc, Heston Blumenthal, Fergus Henderson, PascalAussignac, Angela Hartnett and many more.

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