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 Eighteen-month-old Clemence Mokbem is treated at the specialist nutrition unit in Bangui's children's hospital. Suffering from severe malnutrition, she became ill after being unable to eat because of successive bouts of malaria.

Abou Zenebou, 18, her husband Sambo and son Zongabona, three, have been in Douya since fleeing their home in Jean Basse along with around 100 others in April. 'Men started shooting during the night. I was scared of dying - someone was killed right in front of me. We ran into the bush, then took four days to walk here. At home we have our own fields, but everything here costs money and we have none. I don't know if we can ever go back,' she says. 

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Clemence Mokbem, 18 months, is comforted at a hospital's specialist unit for children with severe malnutrition in Bangui, Central African Republic, June 11, 2016

At just 16, Zaitouma Baba is alone with a baby and a toddler after fleeing her home in Sangodoro. 'I was asleep when I heard gunfire and I just left with my children. It was a mess – my husband went another way and I don't know where he is.' In Koui she has found sanctuary in the compound of a local Muslim chief. Unlike many parts of the province, which Muslims have fled for neighbouring countries, the town still has a relatively mixed population.

Simon Pierre Randal, 40, says he arrived in Kellé Clair from a village near Ngouandaye just one day ago. His pregnant wife and three children are 'traumatised by what we have left behind,' he says. 'Everyone in the village left at the same time, it was chaotic. We managed to take some clothes. At home we were cultivating food. We've just arrived here so we don't know yet how we will support ourselves.'

A member of the Action Against Hunger team - which operates in CAR under its French name Action Contre la Faim (ACF) – gathers information from a woman who has fled to the village of Mann.

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