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Pierre Koffmann’s Pig’s trotters stuffed with chicken mousseline, sweetbreads and morel mushrooms returns for just one night to London’s Restaurant scene – superb depth of flavour, decadently rich and meaty.

by Brett Graham The Ledbury

To prepare this Syllabub you need your own cow.

Syllabub is one of those ancient desserts that seems to be showing its face again. There is at the saying that it was originally made by milking the cow directly in to a vine glase, whatever the case that is not the case here (I would have photographed that). The dessert can be trace back to the Tudors. Early efforts involved the thickened cream being served floating on sweet wine.
At its purest, the recipe involves dissolving sugar in lemon juice and sweet wine or brandy, adding a long curl of orange peel then leaving it to infuse overnight. The following day, double cream is introduced and beaten until thick.
A drop of Eau de vie, perhaps Framboise or Kirsch adds a welcome kick, as does some crushed ginger in syrup, or even a spoon of ginger marmalade.

A one off rescipie by the Michelin star, Alyn Williams at The Westbury for Taste of London 2015. As always an understated dish with spotless presentations. The best seasonal ingredients are prepared with straightforward techniques and contemporary touches.

Raymond Blanc's Celeriac, apple and watercress salad

Onion Ashes

Ash has been used one way or another in cooking for many hundreds of years. In South America, meat and fish are cooked in deep pits of smouldering ashes over extended periods of time, giving mouth-wateringly smoky results.
In more recent times, Ash has had a bit of a renaissance in modern cooking, being thrust into the limelight by Michelin-starred restaurants.
The two Michelin Star chef Simon Rogan. Prepared these truly unique Vintage Potatoes in Onion Ashes, Lovage and Wood Sorrel dish for a charity event I was lucky enough to wittiness. Rogan is restlessly inventing and pushing his ingredients to extract maximum flavour and interest. The Onion Ash gave me a tiny but powerful insight. What it must be like to eat at L'Enclume — the best restaurant in the UK.

Sunday: time for a tasty burger from Peter Gordon's Marylebone restaurant.

Desert by 2012 Masterchef winner 

Shelina Permalloo

Rick Stein's Red mullet stuffed with crab, olive oil and saffron sauce

Lemon Sherbet Fantasy by Claire Clark

Chicken with pomigranat kebab  by 2012 Masterchef winner Shelina Permalloo

by Jason Atherton - Pollen Street Social

by Brett Graham The Ledbury

Scallops by Tom Sellers

Francesco Mazzei at L’Anima

5 Star Burger: @TomsFeast @atulkochhar @sophiemichell @lechefpaski @theprovidores for Taste of London 2016

Seabass by executive Chef Sameer Taneja of Benares

Milk Chocolate Hedgehog, Dark Chocolate and Yuzu Sorbet by Andrew Fairlie

Turpot with warm Tartare Sauce by Nathan Outlaw

Buckwheat Velouté, Cucumber, Smoked Curry Cream by Claude Bosi

Anirudh Arora of Moti Mahal
Black Forest Gateaux by Heston Blumenthal (The Fat Duck),
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